Another great Reader idea! Pasta Slider

Once again Jude and her dear birds Paco and Princess have sent in a great foraging toy idea. The thing I like most about this toy is that it works even for birds who are not motivated by hidden treats. Birds who just like to destroy things will chew the pasta, and the removal of the pasta causes the other parts to slide down, revealing the treat. The bird will learn how to do it by accident, if she likes destroying dry pasta!

Jude says,
“This toy is made with string (I used raffia), a needle, pasta, bottle caps
and paddle wheels (available for $.40 cents each  from
pony beads and a wooden spool or other item as a stopper at the bottom.” Here is a photo of the completed toy:Pasta Cup Slider (my name for it)

Here are Jude’s instructions for making this toy:Items go on in the following order;  string stopper, pasta, bottle cap, paddle wheel, pony bead, bottle cap, pasta, plastic bottle cap,  paddle wheel, etcetc.  The bottle caps need holes drilled in them for threading.P2211551

Over paddle wheel, put pony bead then wrap string around and thread itthrough again to anchor the pony bead in place.  You will want the pony beadto be about even with the top of the paddle wheel


Put treat in paddle wheel (I used cheerios) then string bottle cap over it.
repeat steps as desired. on the top of the last bottle cap, set another pony bead to help keep things in place


When the bird eats or breaks off enough of the pasta, the bottom cap and
paddle wheel fall, revealing the treat inside.  The top cap is held in place
by the secured pony bead when the bottom cap and paddle wheel fall.

2 Responses to “Another great Reader idea! Pasta Slider”

  1. smallonion says:

    It’s one we did ourselves. I can send you a copy if you like.

  2. Angela Rauh says:

    Hi, greetings from Germany. I found your Website about Foraging for Parrots and I like most of the ideas very much, I certainly will try some ideas. Because I also have two very beloved Princess of Wales parrots – Stumpy and Melian- I read your blog about “Humphrey the Parrot” when looking about POWs in the net. I made an own website for my birds. Perhaps you would like have a look at it
    On the page ” Spielzeug” I also have some ideas with enrichment toys.


    Angela with Stumpy and Melian