Bell Pepper foragers!

This is an easy one, or one that takes slightly more effort, depending on the human making the toy. I’m always trying to get my Eclectus parrots to eat more vegetables, and any way I can do that, is a winner.

The first thing I did was hang an entire bell pepper in each cage (they prefer yellow or orange over green  – figures, they are more expensive!)

Then, I made it more interesting by cutting a hole in the pepper, and stuffing inside things they like – suga- snap peas, edamame in the pod, apple, grapes, etc.  Like so:

Note the piece of ribbon tied around the stem of the pepper, and the size of the hole cut in the pepper. For experienced foragers, that can be reduced to a slit, and other items *stuffed* inside.  My birds are doing great with this – after taking all the stuff out from the inside of the pepper, they shred (and eat a lot ) of the the pepper. Result!

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