Birdie Spring Rolls

I’m always looking for ways to get my finicky Eclectus parrots to eat more vegetables, like their species should. This one seems to intrigue them enough to get them chomping.

First, you need spring roll wrappers, found in some supermarkets in the ‘ethnic section’ or in Asian supermarkets. There are various kinds, but I buy the kind that has rice flour only as an ingredient (it’s possible my parrot Pepper is sensitive to wheat, and makes her toe tap). I settled on ‘Two Parrots’ brand (how perfect!)

All you need to do is wet the spring roll wrappers, fill with various vegetables, and roll.  First fill with veggies and fruit (I use shredded carrots, sugar snap peas, string beans, pepper strips, pieces of apple, grapes, cranberries, edamame beans…whatever I have on hand)


Then roll up.  First fold in each side a little bit, then roll from the bottom, until you have something like this:


Then, give it to your bird! Either just put it in his bowl, or do like I do – put it in a plastic foraging toy, like the Jungle Talk Pyramid Puzzle, or the Metal Nut cage

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