Chewable Book Enrichment Toy

This toy is not a foraging toy, because it does not contain food, but it does fulfill my other criteria on this site: cheap (or free) and easy!

Here’s all you need:

  • A small book or booklet that you don’t want. Crappy little recipe books, manuals from appliances you don’t need, stuff people put through your door. Reader’s Digest size is ideal – Old Reader’s Digest magazines themselves are ideal!
  • Ribbon, Paulie Rope , shoelace, or string for hanging

Here’s Pepper with one I made for her (directions follow below). For Pepper’s toy, I used an old cooking booklet, about potatoes. It was about to go in the trash when I decided to use it.


To make the toy, all you need to do is hang the book up. There are 2 was to do this. I got my husband to use his drill to drill a hole through the book, and I threaded the string through that. An easier way is to lay the string in the open book, like a bookmark, close the book, then tie it to the cage bars.

Difficulty for humans to make: easy

Difficulty for birds to use: easy

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