Easy easy foraging packets

Here is a quick and easy idea with something you already have in your house – paper towel rolls (the inside roll).  Here’s what you do:

  • Cut roll in half (this will make 2 foraging toys. Use toiled paper to make one toy)
  • Punch hole in top of roll(s)
  • fold over bottom of roll about 1/2 inch and tape closed
  • Flatten roll against hard surface
  • Fill with paper shreds, dry food, treats, popcorn, etc
  • Thread hole through with ribbon or Paulie rope, and tape top closed if necessary (depending on your bird’s skill level in ripping things open)
  • Hang in cage!It should look like this:


Skill level: Easy for humans to make; difficult to medium for birds to open. To make it easier for your  bird to open, cut a triangle shaped cut out of each side of the packet.

SAFETY NOTICE! Some people do not like to give their birds kitchen paper towel/toilet paper rolls because of the glue possibly inside. I give them to my birds, but it is up to you to decide if they are safe for your birds.

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