Foraging Bowls

Here’s one of my most simple ideas, but it is one of my birds’ favorites. When I give my Eclectus parrots a bunch of foraging toys,  including a bowl, the bowl is the thing they always go to first.  Basically, it’s just a bowl with lots of stuff in it, edible and non-edible.  Here are some of the things I put in:

  • Wooden beads and sticks
  • Shredded paper (bought, or from my shredder of junk mail)
  • Popcorn
  • Dried food such as pellets and other treats. Phoenix Foraging’s Green Chunks and Purple Corn and Crispy Rice Snacks are a favorite
  • Edamame beans in the pod, cooked and dried
  • Dried fruit
  • millet
  • nuts, including almond slivers and pistachios in shell (one or 2 per day! we don’t want any fat birds!)
  • sesame sticks
  • greens, like collards and kale
  • cooked corn kernels
  • crumbled rice cakes
  • pine nuts in shell
  • small foot toys
  • Wooden shapes, from the craft store, such as the thin wooden stars in this pic
  • cranberries

Here’s an example of 2 I made for my birds, in 5 minutes, before work. This will engage them for at least an hour, and they will keep coming back to dig, again and again (CLICK TO ENLARGE)


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