Nutri-Forage review, and tweaks

You may have seen a product called ‘Nutri-forage‘ advertised in the parrot media. Basically, this is a food treat that, when heated, can be used to fill foraging toys, and when it cools, it hardens.  The manufacturers give you a few little objects (pasta shells, a little box, etc.) to fill to get started. I like this product – it is good for owners who are just getting started with foraging toys. But in my quest to give you even more, better and cheaper ideas, I have modified and ‘improved’ my use of this product.

Most of the toys on this website are made for my big parrots – 2 eclectus. But I also have a little guy – Leo, my handicapped little Princess Parrot. He is not very bright, but he is the sweetest, most lovely little bird – and he is devoted to us, particularly to my husband.  Here they are, doing what they do every night: snuggling


When my husband is at work, I know Leo pines for him. I also know from experience that Leo can’t do too much in the way of foraging. But Nutri-forage has been great for him!

Anyway, I have put Nutri-forage food in lots of my own little objects for Leo – large beads, plastic shapes, etc. They have been a HUGE hit that keeps him busy while he waits for my husband to get home. Here are some of the things I’ve stuffed  these treats in for Leo. These include: pasta shells and ziti, large beads, plastic objects from other toys, etc. As you can see, I have also included ribbon to hang the toys in the cage. (You don’t need to do that – these toys also work at the bottom of the cage. Some might not want to use ribbon – if not, Paulie Rope is generally acceptable for parrot toy hanging safety) Here’s my toys filled with Nutri Forage or Avi-Cake:


Now, here are my tweaks and tricks for this product. Firstly, the Lafeber company, who makes Nutri-forage, also makes Avi-Cakes, and as far as I can tell this is the same product with a greater quantity for less money. Also, it says on the pack of Nutri-forage to heat in the oven – don’t microwave. I find that microwaving is fine – quicker and easier. Just be SURE to cool the product completely before giving it to your bird.  If you have a little bird who is not up for a challenge, or a handi-capped bird,  like I do, this is a foraging toy that will engage him and keep him busy!

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