Wood Block Forager

My birds absolutely love the foraging toy called ‘Brainiac Block‘ made by Star Bird toys. But, since they are very expensive, in addition to buying them, I have gotten my mother’s husband, who is good at woodwork, to make a homemade wood block for the birds.This is the only toy on the website that requires special skills and tools to make. However, my birds love it so much I thought I’d include it anyway.

What you need:

  • pieces of (untreated!) wood – soft or hard, depending on your bird’s chewing abilities
  • Table Saw or Jigsaw
  • Drill

All you need is to cut grooves into the wood, not going all the way through. Drill a hole all the way through for hanging.  Then, in the grooves, push in almond slivers, pellets, pieces of ripped up paper, etc. Almond slivers work very well – push in the sliver, then break off so there is no almond sliver sticking out.  Thread something (a shoelace?) through the drilled hole, and hang in the cage. Here is one that my mother’s husband made for my birds:


They love it. If you are interested in purchasing the Brainiac Block for your birds, Star Bird Bird Toys are a great company. But if you can make your own, your birds will love that, too.

Difficulty for humans to make: advanced

Difficulty for birds to use: easy to medium, depending on food used and size of pieces.

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